HACCP Summary - F. G. LIster & Co.  
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F. G. Lister used the official HACCP Guidelines to develop it's food handling procedures. One of the methods used in F. G. Lister food handling procedures is keeping a constant cold chain for the shelf life of the product. F. G. Lister is fully accredited in the incorporation of HACCP Guidelines in all stages of food preparation, storage and transportation.
For Toronto-based F. G. Lister & Company, which serves a vast cross section of customers, including national chain stores, food service distributors, national fast-food chains, independent restaurants and local jobbers, quality assurance is much more than a checklist or a training program. It's an attitude that permeates the organization's three facilities.
"Our most important focus is implementation," says Tony Arrigo, whose family has operated F. G. Lister & Company since purchasing it in 1959. "We are the gatekeepers of food safety, what we send out has to be fresh, clean and safe every time. We train every staff member that they are the eyes of the company and it's their job to make sure that quality is upheld at every step."
In the late 1990s Arrigo and the Lister management team decided to formalize its commitment to quality by seeking out HACCP certification from the Guelph Food Technology Centre. In 2003 Arrigo and his quality assurance manager Mohammad Zosherafatein hit their marks. After six long years of preparation, Lister was the first produce distributor in Canada to earn the HACCP certification, a milestone celebrated by the entire company. According to Arrigo, HACCP certification was achieved through efficient teamwork between HACCP team members and all employees.

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